About us

Hey there, lovely shopper! I'm Vasiliki, the creator of The Breezy Peach, your new go-to destination for all things Greek-inspired!

You might be wondering how I came up with the idea of a Greek-inspired store like this one. Well, let me share my story! I'm born and raised in the heart of Athens, and my husband – let's call him Mr. Tea Enthusiast – hails from the rolling green hills of England. Being married to a non-Greek speaker has gifted me with a fresh perspective on Greece's quirks and our Greek habits from a delightfully different angle. It has also sparked my inspiration to blend Greek culture with modern international elements.
So, with my design ideas and the unwavering support of the one and only Mr. English Charm (he's giving me a playful wink as we speak, so let's roll with this pseudonym), The Breezy Peach came to life – an outpouring of love for Greece, Greeks, and a celebration of friends and family intertwined with Greek culture, trying to keep positive vibes, in this crazy Greek world!
Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey and together let's make The Breezy Peach your new favorite spot to explore Greek goodness.
Yours in peachy delight,
Vasiliki (And a big "hi" from Mr. English Charm too!)

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